Different types of end terminals


The TREND-350 is a guardrail end-terminal designed to absorb the kinetic energy of an impacting vehicle on the end of a road safety barrier. Upon frontal impacts, the TREND™ 350 absorbs energy by creating friction between the guardrail panels and deformation of the rail section. During design side impacts, the yielding posts laterally support the rail sections, smoothly redirecting the impacting vehicle for greater safety.

The TREND-350 is fully compliant to NCHRP-350 Test Level 3. The system is 11.4m long and is suitable for speeds up to 100km/h.

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ET 2000

The ET2000 End Terminal is engineered to absorb the kinetic energy of an impacting vehicle on a road safety barrier. This is accomplished by flattening the guardrail. The terminal is designed to reduce the problems associated with impacting vehicles, such as spearing, vaulting and rollover. The ET is customisable to suit the application with two sizes available.

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The unique X350 end terminal technology is a tension based solution. It offers greater vehicle control and energy absorbing capabilities in head on impacts, where the energy is absorbed at the impact head rather than being transferred down the rail. The X350 is designed to be a resistant when compared to others, absorbing the impact rather than being transferred down the rail.

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The SKT 350 (Sequential Kinking Terminal) is an energy absorbing tangent terminal. During vehicle impact the rail is sequentially kinked as it moves through the head and curls away from the road way. Side impacts result in safe redirection of the errant vehicle.

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The Modified Eccentric Loader Terminal (MELT) is a gating guardrail end terminal designed to prevent spearing from a travelling vehicle. The MELT is installed with the rails offset and supported on angle (shelf) brackets to minimise potential vehicle penetration.

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Driveway guardrail barriers provide heavy duty protection and are best suitable for setting safe perimeters in commercial and industrial applications. Wrapped guardrail barriers can be used for driveways where dangerous vehicles may enter and exit or heavy equipment traffic work zones for example at warehouses or factories, dealerships to enhance car and pedestrian safety between walkways and moving vehicles.

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Our energy absorbing end terminal bollards are engineered to protect motorists and assets in the event of a collision. They are non-gating and non-re-directive meaning a vehicles impact is ‘captured’ and kept away from assets and other vehicles, minimising potential injuries, road hazards and damage. Most commonly, Terminal Bollards are engineered to protect motorcycles, especially in tight spaces – designed for areas within 60km and under.

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Safety barrier services

Our Safety Barrier Installation Services

With over 20 years of experience in the guardrail industry it is safe to say we have the knowledge and attention to detail you are looking for your next project. 

We are preferred installers for DPTI (Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure) due to our attention to detail, ability to problem solve and overall finished product. 

Our Onsite Project Management

We have professional, experienced and flexible onsite project managers who can help plan and execute your next safety barrier installation job from start to finish – whether by phone, email or in person, the team who plans the job, execute and finish the job for you.

Our staff are fully competent, compliant and well-trained staff performing safe and efficient practices.

Our staff adapt and overcome any obstacle through their experience and knowledge of our products and customised solutions.

Our Service Connection Management

Safety Barrier Services has extensive knowledge when it comes to safely and efficiently executing a project without disrupting fundamental assets such as power, water, gas and communications. 

We work hand in hand with service locators, power and telephone companies to ensure your project will be delivered to the highest DPTI (Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure) standards.

Our Traffic Management

Whether it’s long or short term traffic management you need, our fully trained and competent staff can provide and lead you through the traffic restrictions planning and implementation process for large and small projects.

Our Machinery & Equipment Providers

At Safety Barrier Services we have the plant machinery and equipment necessary to get the job done right the first time every time. 

Whether it’s machinery and equipment for a 11,500kg HR Ridged Truck pay load, a Hiab Duo B22 crane or a Truck mounted drill rig for drilling up to 4 metres deep and 300-1000mm in diameter to hard rock drilling up to 3.5 metres deep and 200-300mm diameter. Or concrete cutting and core drilling – whatever your needs – Call us to talk us through your project needs and we’ll customise a solution that works for you.

Our Risk Assessment Service

Every job at Safety Barrier Services under goes its own risk and environmental assessment. Our risk assessment managers are fully compliant and up to date with the latest requirements. We pride ourselves on our strict and comprehensive but practical JSEA (Job Safety and Environmental Assessments) and SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements).

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