Welcome to our Project Gallery. Here you will find photos of some of past and current projects across South Australia.

W Beam Guardrail

Steel W-Beam rail (also referred to as Armco), These barriers provide protection for motorists by shielding against hazards


These barriers provide a high level of protection for drivers of large vehicles. The greater height of the THRIEBREAM rail face helps reduce deflection. . THRIEBEAM guardrail should also be used in transition from W-Beam guardrail to more rigid barriers.

Box Beam

This barrier type is widely used in South Australia to protect vehicles, pedestrians and equipment. They offer high durability and stability, are easy to install and are low maintenance

Bridge Barrier

Bridge barriers give road users and pedestrians extra security and comfort protecting pedestrians from oncoming traffic and help prevent motorists from veering over the edge.

Asset Protection

Popular for work zone safety solutions, protecting personnel from static or mobile machinery, protection for your warehouse or transport depots, Loading docks, car park applications, or to protect valuable machinery and equipment.

We can custom manufacture posts, bollards and protection fences to your needs or you can take from our standard range of products. All products are manufactured to Australian Standards

Motorcycle Barriers

These barriers have been designed with motorcyclists specifically in mind. There are a range of motorcycle protection barriers (MPR) protecting motorcyclists from impact with support posts and designed to suit unique Australian safety specifications.

Car Park Barriers

We pride ourselves on our in depth product knowledge giving you high quality design and expert installation of the highest quality on a wide range of state of the art car park crash barriers and industrial products specifically designed for use in car parks, warehouses, logistic yards, factory facilities, retail parks, loading bays and many non-roadside applications.

End Terminals

With over 20 years of experience in the guardrail industry it is safe to say we have extensive knowledge in our products. Depending on your individual needs we can assist you in designing and installing the right End terminal your project requires to minimise the potential of injury everything.

Our clients

At Safety Barrier Services we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built and the safety barrier solutions we have provided for our business partners:

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